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How to Get Rid of Pet Odours

If you’re an investment property owner, you’d be all too familiar with the preparation required when a new tenant moves into your property. Freshening up the garden, fixing up small

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Writing a Good Rental Listing

When you are looking to attract awesome rental candidates to your property, the first thing to work on is your rental ad. A great ad is appealing yet accurate, drawing

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Content Marketing

How to Please Millennial Tenants

About one-third of Australians are renters. Of these, about 40 % are millennials, who are rapidly becoming known as “generation rent”. They have been called this because of the growing

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Lodge Free Rental Income Spreadsheet

Free Rental Income Spreadsheet

Stay on track with rental payments from your tenants. Choose Lodge to save time and money. Old Rent Tracker – Spreadsheet Method Manually fill in data about dates and rent

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