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Consider Your Property Through the Eyes of a Tenant

As a landlord, you may agree that the only thing worse than having an empty property is renting a property to tenants who are causing multiple problems for you. So, you may be wondering not only how do I attract new tenants, but how do I attract the right tenants?

To answer this question, you must think like a tenant and consider your property and services from an outsider perspective.

Ask yourself, if I was a tenant what would I want in an agent? Think about the things that would frustrate you and what elements would compel you to trust an agent and rent their property. For example…

1. Was the property accurately described?
2. Does the agent know all about the features of the home they are trying to rent?
3. Does the agent have adequate inspection processes in place?
4. How will the agent handle any issues that arise?
5. What happens if I want to vacate the property?

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If you are having trouble considering your property through the eyes of a tenant, ask a friend or family member to pose as a potential renter, a fresh pair of eyes can bring a new perspective to a property. For example, whereas you might have become accustomed to the colour of your property, a third-party may suggest a new wall colour to make your property seem more inviting. Making small improvements to your property shows tenants that you care about their quality of living, which will further encourage them to take care of your property.

When trying to attract reliable tenants, carefully consider where to advertise your property. While social media can be an excellent platform to source tenants, it showcases your property to a mass-market, making it harder to manage which interested renters would be suitable for your property. Consider finding clients through a property rental company instead, as they will organise tenant placement and screen tenants for you, helping you to secure the perfect tenant for your property!

As an agent or landlord, ask yourself, how would I look through the eyes of a tenant?

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