Complete peace of mind for self-managing landlords πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

Simple, easy to use tools to attract great tenants, get paid fast, organise paperwork, and organise repairs by reliable qualified professionals.

Fast, secure rental income πŸ’°

A first of its kind in Australia, Lodge helps organise and schedule payments and notifications between you and your tenant.

Automate Rent Collection with friendly reminders

No more guessing if your rent is paid. Arrange for tenants to pay rent directly into your bank account with BPay.

For added flexibility you can also organise manual payments, for one-offs such as water bills.

Find reliable tenants πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°πŸ‘¨

Art meets science with sophisticated features to identify and secure the best tenant from the applications you receive.

Screen tenants

Make informed rental decisions by comparing tenancy applications using an easy-to-read tenant checklist. It’s the same comprehensive data used by property managers across Australia to determine trustworthy tenants.

Simplify your paperwork πŸ“’

Organise and upload bills, receipts and statements online to take the stress out of tax season!

Smart Expense Management

Tax time is stress-free when your receipts and bills are stored online. Submit them together with your rental income records and you have everything you need for a clear, accurate tax return.

Relax at tax time knowing you are perfectly organised

Generate income and expense reports at the click of a button. If your taxes are complex you can obtain targeted financial data for specific periods during a recorded financial year.

We’ve even partnered with H&R Block if you feel the need for professional help to navigate tax season.

Hire professional tradies πŸ‘·

Reliable tradies and repairers save you time and money. Lodge connects you with a network of thousands Australia-wide!

Hire Professional tradies

For all your property maintenance needs we’ve partnered with serviceseeking.com.au, a comprehensive network of trades and repair professionals. They can provide you obligation-free quotes for any task.

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