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How to Get Rid of Pet Odours

If you’re an investment property owner, you’d be all too familiar with the preparation required when a new tenant moves into your property. Freshening up the garden, fixing up small jobs to ensure property maintenance, and redirecting mail are a few jobs you’ll be completing as the property landlord. Importantly, if your previous tenant was a pet owner, you’ll need to screen the property for lingering pet odours. This can be a deal-breaker for prospective tenants, so it’s important to remove odours as best you can. Here are some suggestions for ridding your property of unwanted odours so you can guarantee a new occupant:


First things first – vacuum! Pet fur can become trapped in fibres found in carpet, couches, mats, and even non-carpeted floors. To boost the effect of vacuuming, use baking soda by sprinkling it over the pre-vacuumed surface. Baking soda is able to neutralise odours, so leaving it to sink into the surface of the floor/furniture for a few hours before vacuuming will help the odour lift.

Find the source of the smell

If you can’t find the source of the odour by scanning the house/apartment, purchase a black light to use at night and scan the room/s. The black light will reveal urine spots that you can then target when cleaning.

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Exposure to fresh air and sun

This is a tip for any fabric-covered portable items such as upholstered furniture and rugs. Take these items outdoors on a warm day and leave them in a dry, sunny area for several hours. Exposing these things to the sun and fresh air (especially if there’s a light breeze) is a highly effective method for removing odours stuck in fabric fibres.

Clean floors and walls

Vinegar solution will become your best friend when you’re cleaning floors and walls. By using equal parts vinegar and water, and applying with a spray bottle rather than drenching the problem spot, you’ll be able to lift dirt and odours from the area. A vinegar solution is a really effective natural, chemical-free way to remove germs.

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