We are serious about security


Our system has multiple levels of security, minimising the risk of unauthorised access. By restricting who can access your information and putting additional protection in place as the information becomes more sensitive, we reduce the risk of unauthorised viewing significantly. That said, landlords can take a look at their records whenever they wish, viewing them through our site.

External hosting for payments

We ensure that sensitive financial data is sent directly to external hosts who have sufficient security and encryption to deal with your transactions appropriately. For example, we use BPAY for rental payments, Stripe for subscription payments and Vault for storage. Credit card details are never stored on our system.

Cutting-edge encryption

Our system uses encryption AES-GCM with a 256-bit AES-GCM key and a 96-bit nonce. These measures help to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Our encryption and other security measures maximise the safety of not only your data, but also that of your tenants.

Safe from physical damage

By storing your key landlord documentation with us, you end up with everything you need to administer your landlord role in one, safe place. Not only is your data protected from theft, it's also protected from accidental deletion or real life risks such as flooding or a fire. As documents such as a tenancy agreement may be used as part of court proceedings in the event that a problem emerges, this type of protection can make a real difference.

We are a company that takes safety and security seriously. From high-grade encryption through to never storing credit cards and multiple levels of security, we are committed to keeping your data and your tenants' data safe and secure.

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