Lodge is serious about security 🔒

You can view your records whenever you like on our site but when it comes to other people, we isolate your information through multi-layered security. The more sensitive your data is, the tougher our security system gets with anyone trying to access it without authorisation. 

External hosting for payments

Your credit card details are never stored on our system. These transactions are encrypted and securely sent to external payment processors to complete. We use BPAY for rental payments, Stripe for subscription payments and Vault for storage.

Cutting-edge encryption

Lodge’s encryption and other security measures ensure data and user safety. We use encryption AES-GCM with a 256-bit AES-GCM key and a 96-bit nonce to secure everything.

Safe from physical damage

Uploading your property documents to the cloud protects them from physical damage (flood, fire etc.), and our systems are designed to prevent accidental deletion. You get additional peace of mind knowing those paper documents are accessible electronically.