Delivering a hassle-free way to pay your rent

Let's be frank, paying bills is not something you'd really want to think or worry about. To free your mind, and leave you with time to concentrate on what is important to you, it makes great sense to organise your property rental payments in a way that makes them one less thing on your mind. It's great news that your landlord can make this simple for you...

How it works

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01. Landlord will share with you the payment details

Your landlord will have provided you with a BPAY biller code – allowing you to know that your payments are made using a secure and proven process.

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02. Friendly reminders

You’ll be sent a reminder when your rent is due, and also if it’s overdue, providing you with a peace-of-mind reminder serviceAs soon as your payment is processed, your landlord will be advised, so they don’t have to spend their time or yours checking up on this.

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03. Set up automatic transfer

You can also set up an auto payment, just as many people do with their other regular BPAY bills, such as water and electricity.

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