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Writing a Good Rental Listing

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When you are looking to attract awesome rental candidates to your property, the first thing to work on is your rental ad. A great ad is appealing yet accurate, drawing in people who will love to live in your rental property. Here are some ways to ensure that your rental ad stands out.


An eye-catching headline

Any property will have some attractive features, so it is important to emphasise some of these in the listing, especially in the headline. Important features you could include in the headline are the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or parking spaces as many people search for properties using these features. In the description, you can go into more detail and also include any special features like original fireplaces or unique windows. Equally, as many people search by suburb, be sure to include the suburb name (including any local unofficial names for the locality such as The Rocks, which is a sub-area within the Sydney CBD). If the property is close to useful features like train stations or local universities, be sure to also include these in the property description.

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Include photos

One of the great things about online listings is that you can include photos and even video tours of your property. This can help potential tenants get a true feel of your home. Make sure to include images of all of the rooms, and if possible, also a floor plan. Make sure to choose the best time of day for your photos or video to make the most of the flattering natural light.


Honesty and accuracy is important

When you have a property that you’re trying to rent, it’s important to be accurate with your listing or the people who inspect the property might be reluctant to submit applications. For example, if you have a small extra bedroom, it’s worth explicitly stating the size of the room so people can determine if it can be used as an extra bedroom or if they would prefer to use it as a study space or for storage.

If you’re looking to create a great rental ad, it’s important to emphasise the positives of your listings as well as accurately describing the aspects of your property that might not be suitable for all applicants. A good rental ad will attract the most suitable applicants for your property, speeding up the process for all involved. If you are looking to rent out your property now, Lodge can help you list your property, just simply go here: lodge.com.au/features/advertise-lease


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